Leonard H. Clark, 1919-2003


Leonard H. Clark was born in England in 1919 and served in the United States Air Force from 1941 to 1968. During World War II, Clark began his service as a test pilot and was assigned to the 43rd Bomb Group of the 403rd Bomb Squadron in the 5th Air Force. In 1944, Clark assumed command of the 403rd Bomb Squadron. In total, Clark participated in 73 combat missions against Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater. Tokyo Rose nicknamed the 403rd the "Mareeba Butchers," the only nickname bestowed by the Japanese propaganda broadcast on a military service group. In 1945, Clark was involved in a plane crash off the cost of Japan, breaking his leg and waiting six days for rescue. During the war, Clark was promoted to the rank of Major and awarded multiple commendations and awards, including the Distinguished Unit Badge and the Distinguished Flying Cross. During the Korean War, Clark served with the 3906th Combat Support Group as a pilot. Clark was again called to serve in the Vietnam War. Col. Clark died in Florida in 2003.

The collection contains documents, photographs, and memorabilia related to Col. Clark’s service in the United States Air Force. Military records are both personal and unit-wide. Japanese souvenirs from World War II, aerial photographs of military operations in the Philippines, and photos of airplane nose art are among materials in this collection. The collection contains material from 1938-1968 and 2003.

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