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Aerial reconnaissance photo of Biak, Netherlands East Indies.

The 12 February 1945 issue of TS: Voice of the GI, which was a soldier-produced unit newspaper. This issue contains several articles of camp life and descriptions of missions, as well as a profile of Lt. Col. Harry Staley.

The 5 February 1945 issue of TS: Voice of the GI, which was a soldier-produced unit newspaper. Contains extensive first-hand descriptions of Lt. A.J. Goosens's mission over Formosa, as well as profiles of Col. Jim Pettus and incoming 403rd Bomb…

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A letter from Lt. General Douglas MacArthur to Japanese Commander-in-Chief in the Philippines, Field Marshall Count Terauchi, informing him that evidence had arisen regarding the improper treatment of American prisoners of war. MacArthur informs…

A special transport order sending Pfc. James W. Eide and his crew to Garbutt Field, Townsville, Australia.


An official personnel transfer order denoting the assignment of enlisted men and officers with the 63rd Bombardment Squadron.

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An order listing the recommended promotions for 43rd Bomb Group enlisted men by squadron. James W. Eide is listed, amongst approximately 50 other servicemen.

An official order stipulating the terms for the furlough of S.Sgt. James W. Eide, 1st. Lt. Seth W. Hoffman, S.Sgt. George A. Zamembinski, and 1st.Lt. Richard A. Keller.


A comprehensive listing of 43rd Bomb Group aircrews being transferred to an unknown location. The document not only includes the name and rank of the individual servicemen, but also the aircraft (identified by serial number) to which they were…


An order from Lt. Gen. George C. Kinney listing the officers and enlisted men that were to received the Air Medal and/or the Oak-Leaf Clusters and the mission for which they were decorated.