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Lt. Colonel Orvis L. Cason, a bombardier from Samson, Alabama, flew an extended tour of service with the 64th Squadron in New Guinea and the Philippines. Lt. Colonel Cason, a Lieutenant while in the 43rd Bomb Group, served with various crews on…


Handwritten personal accounts of military experiences inscribed in a standard-issue personal record book issued to World War II servicemen.

A listing of young women 2nd Lt. Cason met and corresponded with while in the US Army Air Corps. The entries including a brief description of the women as well as the circumstances of their meeting. In most cases, the last names and addresses are…

A detailed listing of every mission flown by 2nd Lt. Cason. The entries include flight time, target, date, number of bombs dropped, and in many cases, notes about the effectiveness of the mission.

A detailed listing of 2nd Lt. Cason's closest friend in the 43rd Bomb Group including his crew. The listings contain short biographies and descriptions of each serviceman, their crew position, and home town. This section also includes notes added by…

Three brief listings of physical examinations undergone by 2nd Lt. Cason. Weight, chest diameter, and waist diameter are recorded.

The record also notes that 2nd Lt. Cason qualified as a "marksman" with a .45 caliber automatic weapon.


A photo of Annette and Phyllis Cason, 2nd Lt. Cason's sisters, at the family home in Samson, Alabama.

A photo of Ms. Rose Marie "Corky" Schlappeter, taken on Easter Sunday, 1945.

A photo of Ms. Mary "Betty" Moore taken in Union Springs, AL. Ms. Moore is mentioned in the "Civilians I Have Met" seciton of 2nd Lt. Cason's diary in which he wrote, "She's the girl of my dreams + will someday be my wife!"

The official Army Identity Card of 2nd Lt. Orvis L. Cason issued 26 August 1943. The card identifies Lt. Cason's height, weight, age, rank, serial number, etc.