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S.Sgt. James Rodella with Henry R. Sells, the navigator on his crew.

The writing on the back of the photo, by Henry R. Sells, mentions that Rodella shot down a Japanese fighter on a 31 July 1945 mission.

S.Sgt. James Rodella in front of his tent in either the Philippines or Ie Shima.

Pilot Angus B. Taff's air crew.

Standing: Angus B. Taff (Pilot), Robert E. Lee (Co-Pilot), George A. Patterson (Bombardier), Orville L. Meadors (Navigator)

Kneeling: Charles W. Upham (Radio Operator), Claude A. McMillan (Tail Gunner), Henry R.…

Official DD214 "Report of Separation" detail major biographical data, medals and citations, major campaigns, and enlistment information.

Individual Flight Record of S.Sgt. James Rodella recorded flight time during his domestic training in August and September 1944.

Official record of missions flown by S.Sgt. James Rodella including flight times and dates.

An individual combat time worksheet in which S.Sgt. James Rodella recorded flight and any other combat experience in detail.

A personal record of Sgt. James Rodella's flight history, include dates, aircraft flown, time, and personal remarks about the mission. This record also contains a list of aircraft and corresponding serial numbers.

James Rodella talks about missions in the Southwest Pacific during World War II in an interview with Scott Miller.