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One black and white photo of unidentified American servicemen standing in front of thatch-roofed huts at an unidentified camp (possibly Dobodura, New Guinea.

One black and white photo of several unidentified American servicemen trying to extract a supply truck from a muddy ditch. The photo shows American residential tents as well the general infrastructure of an camp, including roads, power lines, and…

S.Sgt. James Rodella with Henry R. Sells, the navigator on his crew.

The writing on the back of the photo, by Henry R. Sells, mentions that Rodella shot down a Japanese fighter on a 31 July 1945 mission.

S.Sgt. James Rodella in front of his tent in either the Philippines or Ie Shima.

A photo of S.Sgt. William P. Voght, S.Sgt. Gilbert F. Walker, and T.Sgt. Charles D. Woodall receiving refreshments from Red Cross worker Ms. Dorothy Mae Artel after returning from a mission.