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One black and white photo of the 403rd Bomb Squadron's enlisted men's club at Port Moresby, New Guinea. The photo show the entire length of the club, including tables, booths, and the bar.

Caption on back:

Left to Right
Me, Prather + Jeep.

Somebody sailboat in back ground.

Six photos of unidentified American servicemen bathing and doing laundry in a small pond, most likely in New Guinea.

Seven black and white photos of 5th Air Force activities in the Southwest Pacific.

Four photos display B-24s, including UNCLE SAM (42-72811) and 42-73482, both of which were destroyed in duty.

The third photo in the first column show Bob Hope's…

Five photos showing the American airfields at Owi Island and Nadzab, New Guinea.

The first row shows Bob Hope's USO show on Owi Island.

Other photos show T. Sgt. John E. Taylor posing with local New Guineans, as well as the enlistedmen's club…

Handwritten personal accounts of military experiences inscribed in a standard-issue personal record book issued to World War II servicemen.

A photo of 2nd Lt. Orvis L. Cason with Patricia "Patsy" Gately at Pennant Hills Station, Sydney, Australia. This photo was taken during Lt. Cason's leave from 14 September-26 September 1944.

A photo of Bob Shanley, and another unidentified serviceman, relaxing on a Nadzab beach. Behind Shanley is a spent P-38 drop tank that servicemen would retrofit and use as a small boat.

A photo of Lts. George Weston and Orvis L. Cason, with Marge Rogan and Patsy Gately, while on leave in Sydney, Australia.