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Caption on back:

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Me, Prather + Jeep.

Somebody sailboat in back ground.

One black and white photo of the periphery of an unidentified American camp. Several non-residential tents are visible, as well as a large whole in the ground, quite possibly a camp dump.

Seven photos of Leonard H. Clark and several other American servicemen at an unidentified American camp.

Pictured are residential tents as well as headquarters or mess facilities.

Six photos of unidentified American servicemen bathing and doing laundry in a small pond, most likely in New Guinea.

55 pages of the personal diary of T. Sgt. John E. Taylor. Contains extended descriptions of camp life, training, friends and comrades, and military actions, including missions on which fellow servicemen were killed or reported missing. Several…

Handwritten personal accounts of military experiences inscribed in a standard-issue personal record book issued to World War II servicemen.

A photo of 2nd Lt. Orvis L. Cason shaving crew mate and friend George Weston. Residential tents and drying laundry can be seen in the background.

A photo of 2nd Lt. Orvis L. Cason posing in front of the tent that he most likely shared with Lts. Joe Camelio and George Weston.