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A letter confirming the U.S. Army's Finding of Death for S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow. The letter includes additional information relating to the crash that killed S.Sgt. Dow and his crew mates.

A letter informing Mr. LeRoy P. Dow that his son, Alfred E. Dow, enlisted in the U.S. Army. Alfred E. Dow enlisted at City Hall in Augusta, ME and listed his father as his emergency contact.

The official Reports of Death for S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow, as well as crewmates:

1st Lt. Woodrow W. Moore
2nd Lt. Louis I. Miller
2nd Lt. William H. McCamy
2nd Lt. John W. James
T.Sgt. William C. Gassmann
S.Sgt. Thomas Brown

A document containing information on the remains not yet recovered of S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow.

A document describing the crash that killed S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow and his crew-mates, as well as the attempts made by the Army Air Corps to recover the aircraft and personnel involved.

A comprehensive report describing the process of transmitting S.Sgt. Dow's personal effects to his next of kin in Dover Foxcroft, Maine. It includes a comprehensive list of such belongings and S.Sgt. Dow's personal information.

Official confirmation of the transmission of the personal effects of S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow, Pvt. James M. Clark, 2nd Lt. Walter P. Anderson Jr., M.Sgt. James W. Kennedy, Pvt. Herbert Curt from the Kansas City Quartermaster Depot to their next…

The shipment order for the personal effects of S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow, which were sent to his father, Mr. LeRoy P. Dow, after his death on 3 March 1943. The shipment order includes an itemized list of S.Sgt. Dow's possessions.

A letter confirming that S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow's personal effects have been forwarded to his father's home in Dover Foxcroft, Maine.

A letter from Mr. LeRoy P. Dow regarding the Personal Effects of S.Sgt. Alfred E. "Allie" Dow.