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A list confirming the the reversion to inactive status, home addresses and terms of leave for 24 officers, including Maj. Leonard H. Clark.

A list of patients being transferred from Nichols General Hospital, Louisville, KY and Beaumont General Hospital, El Paso, TX to the Department of Patients, US Army.

A three-page general survey completed by 2nd Lt. Leonard H. Clark containing basic and secondary personal information.

An official medical document recommending that Capt. Leonard H. Clark be assigned to active combat duty. The recommendation was made by the redistribution station surgeon after Capt. Clark was rotated back to the United States after his SWPA tour.

An order appointing 2nd Lt. Leonard H. Clark to service in the Army of the United States.

A list of officers who were be certified as an Aircraft Observer as of 20 January 1943.

Army of the United States Air Forces Reserves Identification Card issued in 13 December 1942

Official order appointing Capt. Leonard H. Clark as Operations Officer for the 403rd Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group.

Official notice of selection for military service under the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940.