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One black and white photo of approximately 20 American service personnel and various jeeps and transport trucks. All personnel are looking in the same direction, most likely in anticipation of returning aircraft.


One black and white photos of ten C-47 transport aircraft lined up at an unidentified airfield. One B-24 is visible on the far right.

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Five photos of the American airdrome at Owi Island.

The second photo in the first row shows five American serviceman, including T. Sgt. John E. Taylor, in front of a residential tent.

The photos in the second row show native New Guineans in…

Six black and white of various aircraft, including 403rd Bombardment Squadron B-24 44-40425, at Owi Island, NEI.

The third photo in the second column shows two unidentified mechanics servicing a B-24.

Six black and white photos of B-24s in flight on, according to S.Sgt. Douglas Flack, a mission from Leyte.

The second photo in the first column shows B-24 #42-109863 which crashed on the runway at, depending on conflicting sources, Owi Island or…

Six black and white photo taken from a B-24 in flight.