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T.Sgt. John E. Taylor, flight engineer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, flew 54 mission with the 64th Squadron during the New Guinea and Philippines campaigns. Recording a total of 405 flight hours, T.Sgt. Taylor served with the 43rd Bomb Group in…


Local New Guinean children drinking from coconuts, most likely on Owi Island.

Official gunnery portrait of Sgt. John E. Taylor.


Six photos of local New Guineans in traditional clothing and headwear.

Seven black and white photos of 5th Air Force activities in the Southwest Pacific.

Four photos display B-24s, including UNCLE SAM (42-72811) and 42-73482, both of which were destroyed in duty.

The third photo in the first column show Bob Hope's…

Five photos of the American airdrome at Owi Island.

The second photo in the first row shows five American serviceman, including T. Sgt. John E. Taylor, in front of a residential tent.

The photos in the second row show native New Guineans in…

Five photos showing the American airfields at Owi Island and Nadzab, New Guinea.

The first row shows Bob Hope's USO show on Owi Island.

Other photos show T. Sgt. John E. Taylor posing with local New Guineans, as well as the enlistedmen's club…

Seven photos of T. Sgt. John E. Taylor and several named and unnamed comrades.
Ronald L. King and William C. Burns are specifically captioned.

55 pages of the personal diary of T. Sgt. John E. Taylor. Contains extended descriptions of camp life, training, friends and comrades, and military actions, including missions on which fellow servicemen were killed or reported missing. Several…

A hand-written list of notable officers T.Sgt. Taylor encountered during his time with the 43rd Bomb Group. In addition the crewmen with whom T.Sgt. Taylor flew and their dates of death in the theatre, higher ranking officers such as Lt. Colonel…