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Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor, a radio operator from Cleveland, Ohio, flew many missions with the 63rd(?) Squadron before transferring to the 43rd Bomb Group Headquarters to serve as the radio operator on General Kinney's personal transport aircraft.


Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor sitting on a destroyed Japanese Betty Bomber, most likely at Clark Field, Philippines.

Hand-written, post-war account of the daily actions Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor. Both official and recreational actions are described, focusing mostly on locations, flights, and training instead of people.

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Cpt. Pressley C. McInnes (Communications Officer, Carrollton, MS), Sgt. Victor Manzagal (Dearborn, MI), Cpl. Arthur B. Longbottom (Radio Op, Akron, OH), Cpl. Bill Sinesky (Radio Maintenance), Ralph J. Harliss (Charleston,…

Two images of an Enlisted Man's Temporary Pass allowing Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor to leave and and remain away from Topeka Army Air Field, Topeka, Kansas from 1600 6 July 1945 to 0800 7 July 1945.

Six images of Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor's Soldier's Individual Pay Record. This ledger listed payments made to Sgt. Bavor, the amount, and the issuing officer. This booklet was opened on 30 January 1943.


Three images of a Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit issued to Pfc. Gordon F. Bavor at Chanute Field, Illnois. This permit allowed Pfc. Bavor to drive a passenger car and light cargo truck.

One image of Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor's Immunization Register. This official US Army document lists the immunizations Sgt. Bavor received while in the USAAF, including Smallpox, Typhoid, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Typhus.

Three images of a souvenir photo and its holder from the Derby Restaurant in San Francisco, California. T.Sgt. Leonard J. Lawson (Asst. Engineer), S.Sgt. Gerald A. Klein (Gunner-Mechanic), Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor (Radio Operator), and T. Sgt. Frederick…

Two images of a Transient Combat Crew pass issued to Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor. The Transient Combat Crew pass allowed servicemen not assigned to a particular base to use that base's facilities, such as the mess hall and medical department.

The pass…