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A brief history the injury Maj. Clark received on his 19 September 1945 near Yaku Island, as well as the course of his treatments.

A document recommending Capt. Leonard H. Clark for the Distinguished Flying Cross. Clark honorably completed over 200 hours of operational flight time during which enemy fire was probable and expected.

An order from the War Department calling Army Reserve officers to active duty for twelve consecutive months without consent on 3 October 1940.

A document certifying 1st Lt. Leonard H. Clark's satisfactory completion of course instruction in Observation Training for Graduate Pilots at Brooks Field, Texas.

A document certifying 1st Lt. Leonard H. Clark's activation as a Pilot and ordering him to complete "regular and frequent flights" as part of continuing training.

An order dated 23 September 1943 announcing the promotion of several officers of the Fifth Air Force, including that of 1st Lt. Leonard H. Clark to Captain.

A document certifying Maj. Leonard H. Clark's absence from flight duty due to an injury incurred during active service.

An order from Maj. Gen. Whitehead placing strict restrictions on Fifth Air Force bombing missions over the Philippines in an effort to prevent all possible civilian loss of life and property.


An order assigning Capt. Leonard H. Clark to Headquarters, 43rd Bombardment Group from the 403rd Bombardment Squadron.