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55 pages of the personal diary of T. Sgt. John E. Taylor. Contains extended descriptions of camp life, training, friends and comrades, and military actions, including missions on which fellow servicemen were killed or reported missing. Several…

Six black and white photos of the American servicemen and women at Owi Island.

The two photos in the first column shows nurses that S.Sgt. Douglas Flack while in the Group hospital with malaria.

The first photo in the second column shows S.Sgt.…

Dear Myrtle, Elmer, & Mary,
I received your most welcome letter & also the handkerchiefs. Thanks very much.
This is my 4th letter for tonight. I wrote one to Bob Sullivan, Joe & Marg, & Dick & Jule. It keeps me busy writing.
I was sicker…

Dear Relatives:

Just scribbling a few lines to tell you to send me 7 or 8 of my white handkerchiefs. I’ve got a cold and they only gave us four handkerchiefs. It was warmer here today than its been any day up in Hoton but I'm not kicking.…

A brief history the injury Maj. Clark received on his 19 September 1945 near Yaku Island, as well as the course of his treatments.

AF-11 and DD-93 forms containing complete military service and emergency contact data for Maj. Leonard H. Clark as of 25 August 1959.

A list of patients being transferred from Nichols General Hospital, Louisville, KY and Beaumont General Hospital, El Paso, TX to the Department of Patients, US Army.