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One image of Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor's Immunization Register. This official US Army document lists the immunizations Sgt. Bavor received while in the USAAF, including Smallpox, Typhoid, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Typhus.

One black and white photo of five unidentified American servicemen and two nurses in front of a medical facility at Chanute Field, Rantoul, Illinois.

One black and white photo of Sgt. Gordon F. Bavor, in hospital dress, in front of a Chanute Field medical facility. The reason for Sgt. Bavor's hospitalization is unknown.

An order recommending that T.Sgt. Robert J. Mason, S.Sgt. Earl F. Smith, and S.Sgt. William P. Voght be returned to the United States for rest and rehabilitation from the 64th Bombardment Squadron.

A brief history the injury Maj. Clark received on his 19 September 1945 near Yaku Island, as well as the course of his treatments.

A document certifying Maj. Leonard H. Clark's absence from flight duty due to an injury incurred during active service.

A comprehensive evaluation of Maj. Leonard H. Clark's physical condition, including a description of his 19 September 1945 crash and subsequent treatment for a fractured right ankle.

AF-11 and DD-93 forms containing complete military service and emergency contact data for Maj. Leonard H. Clark as of 25 August 1959.

A list of patients being transferred from Nichols General Hospital, Louisville, KY and Beaumont General Hospital, El Paso, TX to the Department of Patients, US Army.