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The official Army Identity Card of 2nd Lt. Orvis L. Cason issued 26 August 1943. The card identifies Lt. Cason's height, weight, age, rank, serial number, etc.

Official certificate of honorable discharge awarded to S.Sgt. Douglas Flack at Camp Beale, California. The document confirms that S.Sgt. Flack fully served three full years in the United States Army and was discharged on 22 October 1945.

DD-214 personnel record for S.Sgt. Douglas Flack's tour of duty in the SW Pacific.

An official order from the Kalamazoo Recruiting and Induction Station calling William P. Voght to active duty.

An order from the War Department calling Army Reserve officers to active duty for twelve consecutive months without consent on 3 October 1940.

A document certifying 1st Lt. Leonard H. Clark's activation as a Pilot and ordering him to complete "regular and frequent flights" as part of continuing training.

An order dated 23 September 1943 announcing the promotion of several officers of the Fifth Air Force, including that of 1st Lt. Leonard H. Clark to Captain.

An order assigning Capt. Leonard H. Clark to Headquarters, 43rd Bombardment Group from the 403rd Bombardment Squadron.

A list of combat promotions made on 15 May 1945 including that of Leonard H. Clark who was promoted from Captain to Major.

A list of officers that were reassigned to 1010th AAF Base Unit.