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One black and white photo of two unidentified American servicemen with a captured Japanese battle flag at Nadzab, New Guinea. The flag is covered by hand-written Japanese characters, possibly signatures. Battle flags were amongst the most desired…

One black and white photo of S.Sgt. Wade Kehr and an unidentified comrade holding a captured Japanese battle banner.

This photo could very likely have been taken at Clark Field, Philippines.

Short snorters were collections of paper money bills on which travel companions signed their names and addresses. Servicemen then taped the bills together.S.Sgt. Flack folded and carried his in his wallet.

43rd Bombardment Group Patch. The motto of the 43rd BG was "Willing, Able, Ready"---W.A.R. Shield: Gold and azure, a drop bomb counterchanged. (Approved 31 Jan 1942.)