S.Sgt. William P. Voght


S.Sgt. William P. Voght




William P. Voght was born in Hancock, Michigan, April 10, 1920. Between 1942 and 1945, he served as Ball Turret Gunner and Assistant Radio Operator in the pacific, attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant and numerous citations and decorations including the Distinguished Flying Cross.


1920-04-10 1985-12-22


Born in Hancock, MI, a small town next to his hometown of Houghton, MI (Houghton does not have a hospital).

Dates of Service

1942-09-24 1945-11-26



Crew Position(s)

Ball Turret Gunner, Assistant Radio Operator


ZOMBIE (42-40913)

1st Lt. Frank J. Krones, Pilot
2nd Lt. Everett D. Rassiga, Copilot
2nd Lt. Donald L. Taustein, Navigator
2nd Lt. Frank Fizerro, Bombardier
T.Sgt. Merle L. Wilson, Aerial Engineer/Gunner
T.Sgt. Richard A. May, Radio Operator/Gunner
S.Sgt. Warren W. Thompson, Asst Engineer/Gunner
S.Sgt. Robert O. Charles, Asst. Armorer/Gunner
S.Sgt. William P. Voght, Asst. Radio Operator/Gunner
S.Sgt. Louis D. Maenner, Armorer/Gunner

Highest Rank Achieved

Staff Sergeant


-Distinguished Flying Cross
-Air Medal w/1 Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
-Good Conduct Medal
-American Campaign Medal
-Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal w/4 Bronze Battle Stars (New
Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Southern Philippines, Central Burma)
-Victory Medal
-Distinguished Unit Citation (now called Presidential Unit Citation)
-Service Stripe (one award)
-Overseas Service Bars (three awards)

Location of Service during World War II (major training and deployment bases and sites)


-24 September: In-Processing, Recruit Reception Center, Fort Sheridan, Highwood, Illinois
-29/30 September: Basic Training, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri
-17/18 October: Aerial Gunnery Training, Harlingen Army Gunnery School, Harlingen, Texas
-28/29 November: Radio Operator Training, Salt Lake City AAB, Salt Lake City, Utah


-5/6 February: B-24 Combat Crew Training, Davis Monthan Field, Tucson, Arizona
-February/March: Crew Training cont’d, Alamogordo Air Field, Alamogordo, New Mexico
-15/16 April: Crew Training cont’d, Clovis Army Airfield, Clovis, New Mexico
-25 May: Overseas Processing Headquarters, Lincoln Army Air Base, Lincoln, Nebraska
-Early to mid-June: Await deployment to Pacific, Hamilton Field, San Francisco, California
-14 July: 64th Bombardment Squadron, 43rd Bombardment Group, Port Moresby, New Guinea
-December: 64th Bombardment Squadron relocated to Dobodura, New Guinea


-March: 64th Bombardment Squadron relocated to Nadzab, New Guinea
-July: 64th Bombardment Squadron relocated to Owi, Schouten Islands, New Guinea
-15 August: Arrived San Francisco, California; processed through Fort McDowell (on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay) and then moved to Fort Sheridan, Illinois
-19 September: Assessed for further training and assignment, AAF Redistribution Station #2, Miami Beach, Florida
-Mid-October: Re-attendance at Basic Training, Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas
-7 December: Gunnery refresher training, Yuma AAF, Arizona


-9 January: Advanced Radio Operator Mechanic training, Scott Field, Belleville, Illinois
-Late January/Early February: Mountain terrain training, Reno Army Air Base, Reno, Nevada
-8 March: Await deployment, Berry Field, Nashville, Tennessee
-13 March: Transferred through Port of Aerial Embarkation, Miami Beach, Florida
-14 March: Departed U.S. enroute to CBI (via Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ascension Islands, Africa)
-30/31 March: 1347th Army Air Force Base Unit, Shamshernagar, India
-21 November: Arrived New York City, New York
-26 November: Honorable discharge, Ft. Sheridan, Highwood, Illinois


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