S.Sgt. William P. Voght, Letter to Mother, Dad+Mary, 2 January 1943


S.Sgt. William P. Voght, Letter to Mother, Dad+Mary, 2 January 1943


Correspondence (personal)


A letter from S.Sgt. William P. Voght to his family describing a native Christmas and New Year's celebration that he attended at a local village somewhere in New Guinea. Voght also describes camp life and the desire to receive letters from friends and family.

The letter is dated January 2, 1943, but this is highly unlikely. The date should be 1944 and was mostly just a typical typographical mistake.


S.Sgt. William P. Voght


2 January 1944


Louise Terrell






Dear Mother Dad & Mary:
Just received a letter from Dad and one from Mother so this is a good way to start off the year. I wish I would get two from home every day. I’ve never found it so hard to write a letter as it has been these last few weeks. I just haven’t anything to write about. If anybody wonders why I don’t write tell them how busy I am. As long as I keep getting letters from home I don’t care too much whether I get any others.
The natives celebrated Christmas and New Years today so the co-pilot and I went over to the village. It was quite an affair and some of the natives were on the road five days walking to the ceremony. They were all dressed in warrior costumes etc. and their faces were painted in fourteen different colors. It was just like you see in the movies and they sure did some dancing and singing. Talk about a conga line, they sure had one. I had my picture taken with the big chief and a few with some of the babes. You’ll really like those. We took ten roll of films and if they turn out they’ll be something to see and something that nobody would believe took place in our world of today. We went at 8:30 in the morning and stayed all day. I sure wish you could have seen it. Of all the things I’ve seen since I’ve been in the Army I think that will stick in my mind the longest. Of course I’m not including women in that statement.
I didn’t get that about picking Roses. Explain what you meant and I can answer it. One of these days I’ll write you a good letter.
I’ve got one box of cigars left and I think I’ll take it easy on them. I never smoke the pipe very often as theres nothing like a good cigar.
I got three gazettes and today I got one from Nov. 5. One of these days I’ll probably get an armful. Didn’t get anything from Vigo, Joe or my Aunt from the east end.
Did you go to the Assinins with the K.C.s. I imagine the kids get quite a kick out of it. I received the Art Corners O.K. but you won’t need to send anymore unless I tell you, as I picked some up while on furlough in Sydney.
We go down to the bakery every night and get some hot bread and with a little butter and jam we have quite a lunch before we hit the bunk. The boys I’m staying with are really on the beam. We were one of the first ones to have a floor in our tent.
There isn’t much more I can write about tonight. I’m going to try and write every other day if possible as I know you are always wondering how everything is going. Hoping this finds you all well and happy and writing lots of letters to me.
Love & kisses Bill

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