S.Sgt. William P. Voght, Letter to "Mother, Dad,+Mary", ? May 1943


S.Sgt. William P. Voght, Letter to "Mother, Dad,+Mary", ? May 1943


Correspondence (personal)


Two page letter on letterhead 6th Heavy Bombardment Processing HQ, Army Air Base, Lincoln, Nebraska. Notes angrily that pilot's sister died and he was refused leave to go home. Date of deployment from Nebraska is imminent, but not defined.


S.Sgt. William Voght


May 1943


Louise Terrell






Dear Mother, Dad, & Mary:
Just a few lines to let you know I’m still here. Don’t know when were leaving. Maybe tonight & maybe not until Monday. Always on the alert.
The pilots sister died Wednesday and they won’t even let him go home. He sure thought a lot of her as he willed everything he owned to her. He went to the Colonel & everybody he could but they told him they couldn’t let him go. He sure feels bad about it but I guess theyre isn’t much he can do. I suppose if he was a pvt. they would put him on a plane and fly him home but hes just a 1st Lieutenant and ready to go across. It wouldn’t take me long to head for home. When you see things like that it really burns a guy up.
Well, I guess you better not write here. I’ll send you my new address in a few days or a week.
Say, you can give that book back to Earl Sullivan and tell him thanks that it was a pretty good story. Ha Ha.
Love to all Bill

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