S.Sgt. William P. Voght, V-Mail to "Mother, Dad + Mary", 21 August 1943


S.Sgt. William P. Voght, V-Mail to "Mother, Dad + Mary", 21 August 1943


Correspondence (personal)


V-Mail to family from somewhere in New Guinea. Concerns about family's receiving a money order. Notes discussion with military chaplain and attending Mass.


S.Sgt. William P. Voght


21 August 1943


Louise Terrell






Dear Mother Dad & Mary:
Received a letter from Mother today dated June 25th and although it was 2 months old it sure was welcome. Our mail doesn’t seem to be coming thru so well lately. I manage to get a letter every other day but some of the fellows haven’t got any mail for two weeks. Are you getting all my mail. I sent a money-order for $30.00 from that other place I was at and you never mentioned getting it. Maybe you did & I never got the letter so tell me again the next time you write. I am going to send another one in a week and you can also tell me whether you received it. I had that first one registered so it should have arrived safely.
Our Chaplin was promoted to Major recently. I was talking to him last night after Mass. He said when the war is over hes going to take a nice long vacation so when I told him where I was from he said he thinks that’s where he’d like to go & do some hunting & fishing. I’ve got to tell him all about the place some day. His name is Shea and he sure is a swell fellow. The Vacationist League will be getting a bill from me one of these days. Love to all. Bill (continued)

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