Pvt. William P. Voght, Letter to "Myrtle, Elmer, + Mary", 7 October 1942


Pvt. William P. Voght, Letter to "Myrtle, Elmer, + Mary", 7 October 1942


Correspondence (personal)


Eight-page letter home to sister, girl friend and friend. Describes daily routine, food.


Pvt. William P. Voght


7 October 1942


Louise Terrell






Dear Myrtle, Elmer, & Mary,
I received your most welcome letter & also the handkerchiefs. Thanks very much.
This is my 4th letter for tonight. I wrote one to Bob Sullivan, Joe & Marg, & Dick & Jule. It keeps me busy writing.
I was sicker than a dog Monday night & Tuesday from that shot. I had the chills and a fever. I was out Tuesday though but I got some pills from the doctor and I feel fine today. We had our second day of drill today. It sure was hot out in that sun. I think it is doing my cold good though as it is much better. However I can blow my nose once a week now whether it needs it or not with all those hankies.
You found that insurance statement and also that paper about the bond I signed up for amongst my clothes I hope. Save these as they are important.
I got paid today. First pay day. $5.00. In cash. No board or room to pay. Just like home.
They are playing “Venite Adoremus” on the radio. Is Christmas that close & I don’t know anything about it.
That certificate from the Pharmacy wouldn’t help me out one bit. They shove you into the branch they want to and then you choose what part of that branch you want to follow up. There is no Medical Corps in the Air Corps so that’s out & I’m in. I’ve picked the one with the most chance for advancement.
I’ve had about 5 bottles of 3.2 or Army Beer. I don’t care much about it so I’m on the Coca-Cola wagon right now. I will enclose a $1.00 for you to buy a case of Bosch and have a drink on me.
I went to bed at 8:00 P.M. last night & I sure had a good nights sleep. We get up at 5:30. At 5:50 we have roll call. At 6:10 we eat breakfast. From 6:30 to 7:30 we make our beds & mop the floor and clean up in general. At 7:30 we report in front of the orderly room where we are divided into groups. Then we march to the drill field. We drill for 50 minutes, then we rest for 10 minutes out of every hour. We have a game of football or baseball during this time which lasts ½ hour. At 11 A.M. we march back in front of the orderly room where we are dismissed. At 11:20 we have mail call at this same place. If were not there, no mail. At 11:30 we eat dinner. From then till 12:30 we loaf. At 12:30 we report in front of the orderly room and we are divided into groups and we again march to the drill field. There we drill, etc. until 4:00 P.M. Then we march back to our barracks. Then we change into our Dress Clothes & wash etc. and at 4:30 we again have mail call. At 4:45 we eat supper and from then on our time is our own.
Sometimes (last night) they call a G.I. party. Then we have to get down on our hands & knees and scrub the floor & dust & clean the windows. At 9:00 P.M. the lights go out in the barracks and at 11:00 P.M. we have to be in bed. I sure ain’t losing no sleep.
For breakfast today we had a pint of milk, a bowl of oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast, ham, and 3 plums.
For dinner we had mashed potatoes & gravy, liver, salad, applesauce, apple pie & ice cream and an orange.
For supper we had liver, goulash, spaghetti, salad, 2 pint of milk, apple pie & an apple.
I drank a quart of milk today. 4 – ½ pints. I didn’t eat everything I mentioned but it was there. You can have as many helpings as you want.
I got a letter from Lenore today. She said she was over to see Mary. Trying to get in with the family alright. The only one I’m in love with is my Myrtle. This is one of the longest letters I’ve written since I’ve been here. That’s one nice thing about being in the Army; you can always write home.
I am writing this in the Day Room. They have little writing tables here. I’ve sharpened this borrowed pencil four times now so I guess it’s time to quit writing. A pencil is more convenient than a pen. I can’t write every day because I write too much when I do write. Don’t tell me I missed anything here now Myrtle. If theres anything else, just tell me.
Hoping you enjoy your beer I am until I hear from you

Your loving and water wagon son Bill.

P.S. Give Grandpa a bottle of beer & tell him I’ll write soon. 8:00 P.M. Goodnight
Have that drink on your birthday.


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